Welcome to the ninth post in the series “VR Sailors - MarineVerse Community” - introducing sailors racing in MarineVerse Cup.

Today, we are chatting with William Wollin, based in Racine, Wisconsin on the western shore of Lake Michigan, just south of Milwaukee.

In virtual reality, you can meet William in MarineVerse Cup as Wild Willy. In MarineVerse Cup William is racing in a “Standard Series” and as of today is #27 in the world.

We have asked William a couple of questions..

What is your sailing experience?

I started sailing rc sailboats in the late 70’s and eventually bought a small dingy sailor, then built one for my son, and eventually bought a Catalina Capri 15.

What is your favourite sailing memory?

My most memorable sailing moment I guess was sailing my Dunphy dingy against my son in the boat I built him and he literally blew my doors off.It was so much fun. And immediately after the race he capsized his boat and thought he was gonna die, in four feet of water!!!

Tell us something about your experience with MarineVerse Cup?

I was a little hesitant to actually try MarineVerse Cup because it’s been a few years since I’ve sailed. But getting over my anxiety and jumping in turned out to be a hoot. Let me tell you, it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Who and why should try MarineVerse Cup

Anyone who is into sailing but is landbound for any reason, including the current pandemic, should really give it a try. Once you get past the performance anxiety it really is a lot of fun. I encourage anyone who sails to give it a try.

Any tips for those new to sailing that want to race in MarineVerse Cup?

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to try is, Just Do It! You won’t be sorry.

MarineVerse Cup

MarineVerse Cup is all about the community. If you would like to try sailing join us. You can meet VR sailors at our Discord chat server and you can downland MarineVerse Cup on Steam or via SideQuest.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post in “VR Sailors - MarineVerse Community” series - stay tuned for more soon!