Welcome to the third post in the series “VR Sailors - MarineVerse Community” - introducing sailors racing in MarineVerse Cup.


Today, we are chatting with Jon “Bofh” from Glastonbury in the U.K.

In virtual reality, you can meet Jon in MarineVerse Cup as Bofh. In MarineVerse Cup Jon is racing in a “Pro Series” and for the last couple of months he is #1 in the world.

We have asked Jon a couple of questions..

What is your sailing experience?

Grew up sailing small yachts and dinghy’s. Started with Toppers then went on to Mirrors. Took part in many years of the P.A.S.A.B race. Penzance Around the Scilly Isles and Back..

Tell us something about your experience with MarineVerse Cup?

Couldn’t believe how realistic and immersive it was ! I remember leaning against the list as I tacked :) Racing against Greg, Mike36 & Aaron have been great fun and really challenging. I think it brings out your competitive spirit ;-)

Jon Sailing

Who and why should try MarineVerse Cup

Everyone should try it ! You never know you might catch the bug. We have a great community on Discord you can join and lie about how if it wasn’t for that wind change you’d have won ;-)

VR is going to really take off over the next few years with more standalone headsets likely to appear. The next gen “Quest” will take things to a whole new level so now is a really good time to get started.

VR to me is all about immersion. Graphics quality are only part of it and so far MarineVerse Cup is doing a great job of taking you from a miserable wet cold British winter to a warm yet windy sailing wonderland :-)

MarineVerse Cup

MarineVerse Cup is all about the community. If you would like to try sailing join us. You can meet VR sailors at our Discord chat server and you can downland MarineVerse Cup on Steam or via SideQuest.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post in “VR Sailors - MarineVerse Community” series - stay tuned for more soon!