• Solving wihajster problem

    Have you ever been on a boat and didn’t know how something is called?

    Maybe you said: Can you pass me this wihajster? or Can you pull this?

    When on the boat, you want to use sailing nomenclature to communicate quickly and precisely.

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  • Shipping Point of Sail

    Melbourne based MarineVerse’s team recently shipped “Point of Sail” - a virtual reality experience designed for Google Cardboard.

    Point of Sail

    By taking advantage of 360 degrees immersive environment and interactivity, the app makes it easy and fun to master points of sail. It offers a short, yet fully functional experience. You will be placed on a boat and surrounded with helpful banners showing names used to describe wind direction. When you look at a banner, you will hear a short explanation.

    It’s a well known fact, that virtual reality is best experienced first hand in VR goggles, but if you want to have a quick look at the app, there is a short video:

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  • Sailing and Virtual Reality

    Hi there :-)

    I guess you are interested in sailing and virtual reality? Perfect!

    We are trying to combine our passion for both, and we are looking for community help.

    Please let us know:

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  • Sydney to Hobart yacht race finish line in Google Cardboard

    The MarineVerse team, Greg & Olga, had a chance to spend some time in Hobart during the Sydney to Hobart race. Pictures and comments by Greg below:

    We took a few photos, some of them using Google Cardboard Camera App that we would like to share with you.

    If you have Google Cardboard, you can get a taste of virtually being there for real.

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  • Starting MarineVerse!

    Hello Metaverse! :-)

    With the begining of 2016, MarineVerse was born. It will focus on creating virtual reality content for people interested in sailing.


    Our first goal is to create compelling “Introduction to sailing” experience for Google Cardboard.

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