• New yacht and beautiful water in VR Regatta

    VR Regatta on Steam

    See VR Regatta Steam page.

    We’ve just shipped a new version of our HTC Vive sailing game VR Regatta - 0.5.

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  • Cheap sailing holidays

    Dreaming about sailing and looking for a low-budget option to get your water fixed?

    Virtual reality might be a cost effective alternative for you ;-)

    We offer safe yachts in always perfect condition and locations you can reach in minutes (time to download an app) rather then hours or days. And it’s much cheaper :-)

    If you already have virtual reality hardware, then just go straight to our sailing apps section.

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  • 200+ days of MarineVerse

    More then 200 days have passed since we started working on MarineVerse.

    It felt like a good point in time to reflect on our journey so far and share the progress.

    This is Olga and Greg introducing an audience to sailing and virtual reality.

    VR presentation

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  • VR Regatta 0.4

    VR Regatta 0.4 has shipped :-)

    Read full release notes for VR Regatta 0.4

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  • VR Regatta telemetry

    In VR Regatta you get to race your own sailing boat. It’s great, but what if you want to take your sailing to a next level?

    Good start to becoming a sailing pro might be diving into a data about your virtual reality performance.

    That’s where new experimental feature in VR Regatta will come in handy - sailing telemetry.

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  • GearVR VR Regatta game keys

    Ahoy Skipper!

    VR Regatta is a free virtual reality sailing game for GearVR.

    We have recently shared early access keys on reddit.

    In VR Regatta you get to sail your own small yacht - a dinghy. You are surrounded by water, get to hear seagulls and according to those who have tried it - it’s quite relaxing. Your dream of owning a sailboat - navigate lakes, seas and oceans can be true :-)

    VR Regatta

    Go aboard a ship, set sails and be a captain - here are some access codes for you to use:

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