• MarineVerse Team Goes Windsurfing

    Thanks to invitation by Australian Sailing Team RS:X coach Max Wójcik, Olga and Greg had a chance to to participate in Introduction to Windsurfing day in Elwood Sailing Club.

    It was a great day, with perfect conditions to do some research into what windsurfing is all about. Great material to take our VR windsurfing further :-)

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  • How to finish The Long Race in VR Regatta

    In this video our sailing expert Nate demonstrates our system for detecting Right of Way on the water and shows how to finish the Long Race - discussing some racing tactics.

    Nate had a pretty good run in the Long Race, finishing 3rd on the Leaderboard at the time of writting.

    We are planning on creating more of those sailing tutorial videos, discussing different aspects of sailing, using virtual reality to showcase it.

    Please let us know ( [email protected] ) what you think, how can we make it better and suggest topics you would want us to cover in the future.

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  • Virtual Reality Sailing demo during SWC Melbourne 2016

    Interested in trying out our Virtual Reality Sailing prototype?
    Send us a message ( [email protected] ) and we will schedule a demo for you (limited spots available).

    We’re working on virtual reality sailing simulator for HTC Vive and will be offering private demonstrations in our office in Melbourne during Sailing World Cup.

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  • Take the helm in Virtual Reality

    Tell your friends about VR Regatta - print and bring to a club - thank you :-)

    VR Regatta info

    Print ready PDF.

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  • New yacht and beautiful water in VR Regatta

    VR Regatta on Steam

    See VR Regatta Steam page.

    We’ve just shipped a new version of our HTC Vive sailing game VR Regatta - 0.5.

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  • Cheap sailing holidays

    Dreaming about sailing and looking for a low-budget option to get your water fixed?

    Virtual reality might be a cost effective alternative for you ;-)

    We offer safe yachts in always perfect condition and locations you can reach in minutes (time to download an app) rather then hours or days. And it’s much cheaper :-)

    If you already have virtual reality hardware, then just go straight to our sailing apps section.

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