• VR Regatta Q&A

    1. How much like real sailing is VR Regatta? How did you balance the demands of real sailing against the relaxation and entertainment of a computer game?

    2. What are the different types of boats available to sail in-game, and how is the experience of sailing each of them different from the others?

    3. Are the times of day fixed, or will they change while you play? For example, can you start sailing in darkness and then watch as the sun comes up?

    4. Are there varying weather conditions, such as rain and wind?

    5. Akalana is a fictional location, but how closely is it based on real Caribbean locations?

    6. What inspired the team to create a sailing game together?

    7. Why did you choose VR for this game?

    8. What are some of the ways in which working in VR has been harder and easier than other gaming platforms?

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  • Promoting sailing at Melbourne Boat Show

    MarineVerse team worked together with Australian Sailing to promote sailing during Boat Show in Melbourne.

    Read more about the Boat Show here.

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  • Keeping your sailing club active

    As a club manager, you may be thinking how to grow your membership numbers ( including attracting young generation of sailors ), how to compete with other sports or how to improve club membership retention.

    If you are a sailing coach, you may be looking for new activities to give your training a competitive edge or you might be simply looking for a plan B when there is no sailing weather.

    And if you are in a cold climate, what practical activities can occur in winter anyway?

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  • VR sailing on the Go


    Big Breezy Boat is available now on the Oculus store!

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  • Get out onto the water today with VR Regatta, full version out now!

    Great news, virtual sailing fans!

    After more than a year in early access, VR Regatta: The Sailing Game officially launches today. Get that champagne bottle ready to smash on the bow* because this baby is seaworthy!

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  • VR Regatta @ Geelong's Festival of Sails

    VR Regatta has been a big attraction in Race Village during Geelong’s Festival of Sails.

    Taste of sailing for casual visitors, daily VR Regatta races and lots of interaction with Australian sailing community were the highlights of the event.

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