• Shipping on Steam

    Celebrating VR Regatta launch on Steam next week, we’ve created a series of short tweets showcasing some of the gameplay:

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  • VR Regatta comes to Steam on 1st of June

    Room scale virtual reality sailing comes to Vive on 1st of June! What a time to be alive :-)

    VR Regatta on Steam

    See VR Regatta Steam page.

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  • User testing VR Regatta

    Try VR Regatta and give us feedback!

    VR Regatta is a sailing game we are building for GearVR.

    VR Regatta

    This blog post will tell a short story of our journey so far, sharing what tests we have done and how the game evolved based on feedback.

    First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone in the community who helped us so far, giving up their time and offering feedback on how to make the game better. We really value and need that help.

    This article is mostly relevant to indie devs moonlighting on their VR projects, but hopefully everyone will find something interesting here.

    TLDR: VR User Testing tips

    • Upload to SideloadVR and ask for help on reddit.

    • Enable Unity Analytics.

    • Show your work on meetups.

    • Video record gameplay during tests.

    • Playtest yourself.

    • Consider a 3rd party service, like FISHBOWL VR.

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  • Best VR headsets to buy in 2016 as a sailor

    Go here for 2020 edition of the best VR gadgets to buy for a sailor.

    Are you a sailing enthusiast trying to decide which virtual reality headset to buy? At MarineVerse, we had a chance to try all of the modern VR devices and here is our recommendation for sailors:

    Best mobile headset for sailors: Samsung GearVR

    Best high-end headset for sailors: HTC Vive

    Best VR for sailors

    Why? Let’s have a closer look at all the headsets and what we can do with them:

    VR headsets comparison

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  • Take sailing tutorial in virtual reality

    Thanks to the latest update to VR Regatta for GearVR you can now learn some sailing in virtual reality. Check out this gameplay video:

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  • Learning to sail using HTC Vive

    We’ve started working on porting MarineVerse sailing apps and games to HTC Vive.

    Vive offers room scale, fully immersive environment. You can walk around the room, and position of your head, hands and body is tracked and represented exactly in a virtual world.

    This technology gives fantastic opportunity to create immersive learning environment, much more so than Cardboard or GearVR.

    Last weekend we’ve created 2 prototypes, by porting and adapting to Vive two of our GearVR products: “VR Regatta” and “Sailing Terms”.

    Have a look at game play from “Sailing Terms”:

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