• VR Regatta - Mainsail control

    We have just shipped VR Regatta 0.2 for HTC Vive on Steam.

    The most important feature: You can control sails by grabbing mainsheet

    With this new feature, your both hands can be busy holding the tiller and mainsail sheet. Your Vive sailing is now even more immersive :-)

    Another important feature in this version - you can buy “coins” to support VR Regatta development. Coins can be used to “vote” on what should we work next:

    The next big feature we are currently working on is multiplayer.

    VR Regatta is Early Access free to play game. We hope that many of you are excited about sailing in virtual reality. If you want more and better sailing in VR please consider voting with your wallet by funding our project.

    It can be as little as 0.99$ or as much as $99.00 :-)

    A daily rate of a good developer in Australia can easily be above $1000AUD and that just an example of the costs (click here to fully fund developer for 1 day).

    We need many of you to help, if we want to sustain VR Regatta development over longer period of time, so please consider sharing this post with friends.

    Have you already played and enjoyed VR Regatta? You can think of this coin donation as “pay what you want” model :-) ( use this link and change 42 to number of gold coins you want to donate.)

    You can give $19.80 donation by clicking here.

    PS. If you have funds in your Steam wallet, you can experience in app-purchase in VR as well - check it out :-)

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  • GearVR sailing - VR Regatta

    Exciting news: Along with launch on Steam, VR Regatta has been approved “for keys” on Oculus store.

    With the beta key for VR Regatta, you can now access the game from you Library on GearVR and easily get updates as we ship them.

    What’s coming for VR Regatta on GearVR:

    • Improvements, polish, bug fixes
    • Integration with Oculus API - Leaderboards, Achievements etc.
    • Multiplayer
    • Maybe cross platform multiplayer with HTC Vive version (and you can actually control the boat as opposed to Google Cardboards guys stuck flying seagulls ;))

    You can help in bringing sailing to GearVR - let us know you are interested in providing feedback and beta testing by contacting us at [email protected] and we will send you a special access key.

    VR Regatta

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  • Shipping on Steam

    Celebrating VR Regatta launch on Steam next week, we’ve created a series of short tweets showcasing some of the gameplay:

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  • VR Regatta comes to Steam on 1st of June

    Room scale virtual reality sailing comes to Vive on 1st of June! What a time to be alive :-)

    VR Regatta on Steam

    See VR Regatta Steam page.

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  • User testing VR Regatta

    Try VR Regatta and give us feedback!

    VR Regatta is a sailing game we are building for GearVR.

    VR Regatta

    This blog post will tell a short story of our journey so far, sharing what tests we have done and how the game evolved based on feedback.

    First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone in the community who helped us so far, giving up their time and offering feedback on how to make the game better. We really value and need that help.

    This article is mostly relevant to indie devs moonlighting on their VR projects, but hopefully everyone will find something interesting here.

    TLDR: VR User Testing tips

    • Upload to SideloadVR and ask for help on reddit.

    • Enable Unity Analytics.

    • Show your work on meetups.

    • Video record gameplay during tests.

    • Playtest yourself.

    • Consider a 3rd party service, like FISHBOWL VR.

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  • Best VR headsets to buy in 2016 as a sailor

    Go here for 2020 edition of the best VR gadgets to buy for a sailor.

    Are you a sailing enthusiast trying to decide which virtual reality headset to buy? At MarineVerse, we had a chance to try all of the modern VR devices and here is our recommendation for sailors:

    Best mobile headset for sailors: Samsung GearVR

    Best high-end headset for sailors: HTC Vive

    Best VR for sailors

    Why? Let’s have a closer look at all the headsets and what we can do with them:

    VR headsets comparison

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