• Started on a sailing simulator


    We have just released the first version of a sailing simulator for Google Cardboard. Have fun sailing in virutal reality! :-)

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  • Tacking and Jibing in VR

    Ahoy Friends,

    Happy to share with you our new sailing Google Cardboard VR experiment.

    Learn about tacking and jibing in virtual reality.

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  • Better sailing training

    Recently in Toastmasters public speaking club Greg gave a speech about sailing and virtual reality. The speech was titled “A better sailing training” and you can find the speech transcript below:

    Sailing brings some of my greatest memories. Fresh air, sound of water splashing on the boat. Breath taking sunsets. Great adventure: struggling with the powers of nature - wind and water.

    Sailing can be truly amazing.

    Sailingby Alex

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  • See you at Vision Summit 2016

    We are happy to share that we will be attending Vision Summit in Hollywood this year :-)


    If you are there, make sure to say “Hi!” :-)

    Greg will be representing MarineVerse, please get in touch with him via Twitter.

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  • Point of Sail for GearVR with SideloadVR

    SideloadVR is an app that enables developers to share early access versions of their apps with GearVR users.


    We are happy to announce that “Point of Sail” is now available via SideloadVR app.

    Follow instructions on how to install it at “SideloadVR Point of Sail page”.

    As always, please share any ideas or feedback you have in comments.

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  • A night at sea on board of a tall ship

    We have just shipped an early version of a new app. “A night at Sea” - a virtual reality experience designed for Google Cardboard.

    Sailing Terms

    Step aboard the Tall Ship and immerse yourself in virtual reality. Use a system of teleports to move around the ship.

    It’s the early release, please let us know in the comments how would you like this app to develop. What would you like to see, what would you like to do?

    The app is available for free in Play store. Get “A night at Sea” now.

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