David at NSPS

The National Sailing Programs Symposium 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida provided a perfect crowd to test our virtual reality sailing product on both seasoned sailors, and first-timers alike!

It was incredible to get to meet so many people. It was our first time at the US Sailing symposium, we were shocked at the energy and sense of community the event offers!

It’s incredible to get so many sailors together with the same end goal, to get people into sailing.

One of our favorite stories of the event is from a guy named Jonathan, who happened to be at the same hotel for a different conference and had never sailed before in his life. He was hesitant at first to put on the HTC Vive headset, but once we got him in, he quickly mastered harnessing the wind, trimming the sails, and tacking back up between Akalana Islands in VR Regatta. After a good 10 minutes passed in the game, Jonathan took the headset off with a huge grin on his face. “Have I convinced you to try sailing Jonathan? “ I asked. “ absolutely!!! “ he replied.

Sailing tends to hold a stigma of being a white-collar sport with a rather closed community. Our VR Sailing application helps people take the first step in a fun social, risk-free environment, with the end goal of getting them on the water.

David at NSPS

Again, a massive thank you to the event organizers from US Sailing for enabling us to be there.

See you at the National Sailing Programs Symposium, San Diego, 2020!

David on behalf of MarineVerse team

PS. If you would like to learn more about virtual reality sailing, please send us a message [email protected]