• Experience Sailing During Australian Grand Prix

    Your chance to try HTC Vive sailing during Grand Prix in Melbourne!

    MarineVerse is going to deliver a virtual reality sailing experience in the kids sporting zone (more info).

    Key facts:

    • VR Regatta - Sailing experience for HTC Vive - free of charge.
    • You can find us at Discover Sailing booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (24-26 March).

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  • MarineVerse @PauseFest 2017

    Sharing Virtual Reality sailing with Melbourne - PauseFest 2017!

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  • Thank you for setting sail in Virtual Reality with us in 2016

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  • MarineVerse Team Goes Windsurfing

    Thanks to invitation by Australian Sailing Team RS:X coach Max Wójcik, Olga and Greg had a chance to to participate in Introduction to Windsurfing day in Elwood Sailing Club.

    It was a great day, with perfect conditions to do some research into what windsurfing is all about. Great material to take our VR windsurfing further :-)

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  • How to finish The Long Race in VR Regatta

    In this video our sailing expert Nate demonstrates our system for detecting Right of Way on the water and shows how to finish the Long Race - discussing some racing tactics.

    Nate had a pretty good run in the Long Race, finishing 3rd on the Leaderboard at the time of writting.

    We are planning on creating more of those sailing tutorial videos, discussing different aspects of sailing, using virtual reality to showcase it.

    Please let us know ( [email protected] ) what you think, how can we make it better and suggest topics you would want us to cover in the future.

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  • Virtual Reality Sailing demo during SWC Melbourne 2016

    Interested in trying out our Virtual Reality Sailing prototype?
    Send us a message ( [email protected] ) and we will schedule a demo for you (limited spots available).

    We’re working on virtual reality sailing simulator for HTC Vive and will be offering private demonstrations in our office in Melbourne during Sailing World Cup.

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  • Take the helm in Virtual Reality

    Tell your friends about VR Regatta - print and bring to a club - thank you :-)

    VR Regatta info

    Print ready PDF.

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  • New yacht and beautiful water in VR Regatta

    VR Regatta on Steam

    See VR Regatta Steam page.

    We’ve just shipped a new version of our HTC Vive sailing game VR Regatta - 0.5.

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  • Cheap sailing holidays

    Dreaming about sailing and looking for a low-budget option to get your water fixed?

    Virtual reality might be a cost effective alternative for you ;-)

    We offer safe yachts in always perfect condition and locations you can reach in minutes (time to download an app) rather then hours or days. And it’s much cheaper :-)

    If you already have virtual reality hardware, then just go straight to our sailing apps section.

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  • 200+ days of MarineVerse

    More then 200 days have passed since we started working on MarineVerse.

    It felt like a good point in time to reflect on our journey so far and share the progress.

    This is Olga and Greg introducing an audience to sailing and virtual reality.

    VR presentation

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  • VR Regatta 0.4

    VR Regatta 0.4 has shipped :-)

    Read full release notes for VR Regatta 0.4

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  • VR Regatta telemetry

    In VR Regatta you get to race your own sailing boat. It’s great, but what if you want to take your sailing to a next level?

    Good start to becoming a sailing pro might be diving into a data about your virtual reality performance.

    That’s where new experimental feature in VR Regatta will come in handy - sailing telemetry.

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  • GearVR VR Regatta game keys

    Ahoy Skipper!

    VR Regatta is a free virtual reality sailing game for GearVR.

    We have recently shared early access keys on reddit.

    In VR Regatta you get to sail your own small yacht - a dinghy. You are surrounded by water, get to hear seagulls and according to those who have tried it - it’s quite relaxing. Your dream of owning a sailboat - navigate lakes, seas and oceans can be true :-)

    VR Regatta

    Go aboard a ship, set sails and be a captain - here are some access codes for you to use:

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  • VR Regatta - Mainsail control

    We have just shipped VR Regatta 0.2 for HTC Vive on Steam.

    The most important feature: You can control sails by grabbing mainsheet

    With this new feature, your both hands can be busy holding the tiller and mainsail sheet. Your Vive sailing is now even more immersive :-)

    Another important feature in this version - you can buy “coins” to support VR Regatta development. Coins can be used to “vote” on what should we work next:

    The next big feature we are currently working on is multiplayer.

    VR Regatta is Early Access free to play game. We hope that many of you are excited about sailing in virtual reality. If you want more and better sailing in VR please consider voting with your wallet by funding our project.

    It can be as little as 0.99$ or as much as $99.00 :-)

    A daily rate of a good developer in Australia can easily be above $1000AUD and that just an example of the costs (click here to fully fund developer for 1 day).

    We need many of you to help, if we want to sustain VR Regatta development over longer period of time, so please consider sharing this post with friends.

    Have you already played and enjoyed VR Regatta? You can think of this coin donation as “pay what you want” model :-) ( use this link and change 42 to number of gold coins you want to donate.)

    You can give $19.80 donation by clicking here.

    PS. If you have funds in your Steam wallet, you can experience in app-purchase in VR as well - check it out :-)

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  • GearVR sailing - VR Regatta

    Exciting news: Along with launch on Steam, VR Regatta has been approved “for keys” on Oculus store.

    With the beta key for VR Regatta, you can now access the game from you Library on GearVR and easily get updates as we ship them.

    What’s coming for VR Regatta on GearVR:

    • Improvements, polish, bug fixes
    • Integration with Oculus API - Leaderboards, Achievements etc.
    • Multiplayer
    • Maybe cross platform multiplayer with HTC Vive version (and you can actually control the boat as opposed to Google Cardboards guys stuck flying seagulls ;))

    You can help in bringing sailing to GearVR - let us know you are interested in providing feedback and beta testing by contacting us at [email protected] and we will send you a special access key.

    VR Regatta

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  • Shipping on Steam

    Celebrating VR Regatta launch on Steam next week, we’ve created a series of short tweets showcasing some of the gameplay:

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  • VR Regatta comes to Steam on 1st of June

    Room scale virtual reality sailing comes to Vive on 1st of June! What a time to be alive :-)

    VR Regatta on Steam

    See VR Regatta Steam page.

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  • User testing VR Regatta

    Try VR Regatta and give us feedback!

    VR Regatta is a sailing game we are building for GearVR.

    VR Regatta

    This blog post will tell a short story of our journey so far, sharing what tests we have done and how the game evolved based on feedback.

    First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone in the community who helped us so far, giving up their time and offering feedback on how to make the game better. We really value and need that help.

    This article is mostly relevant to indie devs moonlighting on their VR projects, but hopefully everyone will find something interesting here.

    TLDR: VR User Testing tips

    • Upload to SideloadVR and ask for help on reddit.

    • Enable Unity Analytics.

    • Show your work on meetups.

    • Video record gameplay during tests.

    • Playtest yourself.

    • Consider a 3rd party service, like FISHBOWL VR.

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  • Best VR headsets to buy in 2016 as a sailor

    Are you a sailing enthusiast trying to decide which virtual reality headset to buy? At MarineVerse, we had a chance to try all of the modern VR devices and here is our recommendation for sailors:

    Best mobile headset for sailors: Samsung GearVR

    Best high-end headset for sailors: HTC Vive

    Best VR for sailors

    Why? Let’s have a closer look at all the headsets and what we can do with them:

    VR headsets comparison

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  • Take sailing tutorial in virtual reality

    Thanks to the latest update to VR Regatta for GearVR you can now learn some sailing in virtual reality. Check out this gameplay video:

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  • Learning to sail using HTC Vive

    We’ve started working on porting MarineVerse sailing apps and games to HTC Vive.

    Vive offers room scale, fully immersive environment. You can walk around the room, and position of your head, hands and body is tracked and represented exactly in a virtual world.

    This technology gives fantastic opportunity to create immersive learning environment, much more so than Cardboard or GearVR.

    Last weekend we’ve created 2 prototypes, by porting and adapting to Vive two of our GearVR products: “VR Regatta” and “Sailing Terms”.

    Have a look at game play from “Sailing Terms”:

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  • VR + Sailing Jam

    Taking advantage of the long weekend, MarineVerse team Greg and Olga organised internal VR + Sailing Jam.

    TLDR: This is a 60s video about the sailing racing game we decided to create for GearVR.

    Try VR Regatta sailboat racing game.

    Four days of hard work and intense thinking :-)

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  • Sailing VR Jam Day 1


    This long easter weekend MarineVerse team is organizing and attending the first Sailing VR Jam.

    Ok, it’s only 1 team and two of us, Greg & Olga.. but we are having a great time nonetheless ;)

    This is a quick summary of our day 1.

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  • Sit inside a sailing boat in VR


    Based on what you have asked for, we added a first person mode to our sailing simulator. You can now sit in a sailing boat and experience thrill of sailing while using your Google Cardboard :-)

    Please see a short demo video:

    You can find “Sail to Freedom for Cardboard” on Play Store and install it for free.

    Please comment below or reach us at [email protected] with your feedack.

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  • Started on a sailing simulator


    We have just released the first version of a sailing simulator for Google Cardboard. Have fun sailing in virutal reality! :-)

    Sail to Freedom

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  • Started on a sailing simulator


    We have just released the first version of a sailing simulator for Google Cardboard. Have fun sailing in virutal reality! :-)

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  • Tacking and Jibing in VR

    Ahoy Friends,

    Happy to share with you our new sailing Google Cardboard VR experiment.

    Learn about tacking and jibing in virtual reality.

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  • Better sailing training

    Recently in Toastmasters public speaking club Greg gave a speech about sailing and virtual reality. The speech was titled “A better sailing training” and you can find the speech transcript below:

    Sailing brings some of my greatest memories. Fresh air, sound of water splashing on the boat. Breath taking sunsets. Great adventure: struggling with the powers of nature - wind and water.

    Sailing can be truly amazing.

    Sailingby Alex

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  • See you at Vision Summit 2016

    We are happy to share that we will be attending Vision Summit in Hollywood this year :-)


    If you are there, make sure to say “Hi!” :-)

    Greg will be representing MarineVerse, please get in touch with him via Twitter.

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  • Point of Sail for GearVR with SideloadVR

    SideloadVR is an app that enables developers to share early access versions of their apps with GearVR users.


    We are happy to announce that “Point of Sail” is now available via SideloadVR app.

    Follow instructions on how to install it at “SideloadVR Point of Sail page”.

    As always, please share any ideas or feedback you have in comments.

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  • A night at sea on board of a tall ship

    We have just shipped an early version of a new app. “A night at Sea” - a virtual reality experience designed for Google Cardboard.

    Sailing Terms

    Step aboard the Tall Ship and immerse yourself in virtual reality. Use a system of teleports to move around the ship.

    It’s the early release, please let us know in the comments how would you like this app to develop. What would you like to see, what would you like to do?

    The app is available for free in Play store. Get “A night at Sea” now.

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  • Solving wihajster problem

    Have you ever been on a boat and didn’t know how something is called?

    Maybe you said: Can you pass me this wihajster? or Can you pull this?

    When on the boat, you want to use sailing nomenclature to communicate quickly and precisely.

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  • Shipping Point of Sail

    Melbourne based MarineVerse’s team recently shipped “Point of Sail” - a virtual reality experience designed for Google Cardboard.

    Point of Sail

    By taking advantage of 360 degrees immersive environment and interactivity, the app makes it easy and fun to master points of sail. It offers a short, yet fully functional experience. You will be placed on a boat and surrounded with helpful banners showing names used to describe wind direction. When you look at a banner, you will hear a short explanation.

    It’s a well known fact, that virtual reality is best experienced first hand in VR goggles, but if you want to have a quick look at the app, there is a short video:

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  • Sailing and Virtual Reality

    Hi there :-)

    I guess you are interested in sailing and virtual reality? Perfect!

    We are trying to combine our passion for both, and we are looking for community help.

    Please let us know:

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  • Sydney to Hobart yacht race finish line in Google Cardboard

    The MarineVerse team, Greg & Olga, had a chance to spend some time in Hobart during the Sydney to Hobart race. Pictures and comments by Greg below:

    We took a few photos, some of them using Google Cardboard Camera App that we would like to share with you.

    If you have Google Cardboard, you can get a taste of virtually being there for real.

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  • Starting MarineVerse!

    Hello Metaverse! :-)

    With the begining of 2016, MarineVerse was born. It will focus on creating virtual reality content for people interested in sailing.


    Our first goal is to create compelling “Introduction to sailing” experience for Google Cardboard.

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