Set sail in ultimate VR sailing experience MarineVerse Cup, out now on Quest 2.

Melbourne, Australia, February 24th 2022 – Experience the thrill of sailing no matter where you are with the definitive VR sailing experience, MarineVerse Cup, out now on Meta Quest 2. Whether you are a complete beginner eager to learn how to take control of a boat or a veteran sailor looking for an authentic virtual experience, MarineVerse Cup has something to offer. This definitive VR sailing experience is available now for $19.99 / €19.99.

From competitive play, to pressure-free leisurely trips surrounded by sea, sunshine and the sound of the waves lapping the boat, MarineVerse Cup features a host of different modes catering to all kinds of sailors and experiences. The game offers solo, co-op or multiplayer sailing, including the option to compete against friends and other players. There are also leaderboards, mini-games, daily practice races, leagues and seven spectacular locations from across the globe.

Created by a team of sailors and engineers, MarineVerse Cup is designed to bring the world of sailing to anyone who may not have the time, physical stamina or access to a boat to enjoy the sport - or you can brush up on and practice your sailing skills in the middle of winter! With differing weather conditions to contend with, such as varying winds with gusts and lulls, the many courses available will challenge you differently each time for hours of replayability and offer a real test of your sailing prowess.

To support you in your foray into the world of virtual sailing, Marineverse has put together a handy collection of tutorial videos that will help you get the most of MarineVerse Cup, covering everything from the 101’s of sailboat racing, to the technicalities of sailing upwind.

“This game was always about sharing our passion for sailing with the world, so we’re really excited that it’s now available on Meta Quest 2,” said Greg Dziemidowicz, Lead Developer for MarineVerse. “It’s been fantastic to see how MarineVerse Cup has resonated both with those who already have a love of sailing, as well as those who are excited by the opportunity to learn how to sail through the medium of VR. I’m looking forward to MarineVerse Cup introducing as many people as possible to the incredible experience of taking a boat out to sea!”

MarineVerse Cup has a whole host of content for newcomers, as well as sailing veterans, including:

  • The basics of sailing: detailed tutorials will help you with learning how to sail on the Yacht and Dinghy
  • Multiplayer, Pro racing and WASZP available with “Sailing Pass” membership
  • Time trials and mini-games: compete with other players for highscores on leaderboards
  • 7 unique locations: sail on the seas around Sydney, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Enoshima, and Cape Town
  • Daily practice races and leagues: navigate courses with varying wind conditions and race with sailors based on your skill level
  • An active and thriving community: Players are encouraged to join the Discord chat server where they can discuss races, tactics, ask for tips, or just have fun chatting to other sailors.

About the MarineVerse team Started in Melbourne, Australia in January 2016 MarineVerse is an international team of creatives and advocates for sailing and emergent technology. With a mission to inspire, train and connect sailors around the world as well as share the unique feeling of sailing with a global audience, MarineVerse first launched VR Regatta in 2018 and started work on MarineVerse Cup in 2019 to bring virtual reality sailing to standalone headsets.

The game is being released with the assistance of Film Victoria.

MarineVerse Cup is available both on Quest and Steam store. Steam version offers additional PC mode, great for watching racing replays.

For more information on MarineVerse Cup visit the official website and follow the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to stay up to date with the latest news.

Ask question and join us in the launch celebrations on Discord chat server.

Buy now and go sailing today.

MarineVerse Cup on Quest store:

Happy sailing!

Greg on behalf of MarineVerse team.

PS. This is a “Day one” for MarineVerse. Stay tuned for exciting updates in 2022 and beyond.