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VR Regatta info

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Sail in controlled environments and scenarios with immersive head and hand tracking. Virtual reality (VR) enables hands-on sailing training and education from your home; to reinforce what you are learning on the water or even prior to ever stepping onto a sailboat for novices.

New to sailing?

Go at your own pace, focusing on a given subject for as long as necessary. Your instructor will be able to join you in the virtual world if you need anything specific explained.

Advanced sailor?

Hone your skills, brush up on rules, or train with other sailors from around the world or with your own real life crew.

Landlocked sailor?

Limited access to a sailboat? Poor sailing weather? In virtual reality, conditions may be prescribed exactly.

VR sailing experience free on the HTC VIVE and constantly improving

Features in development:

  • Racing with on-line ranking
  • Multiplayer racing and freesail modes
  • A dinghy and a keelboat available

Contact us / Ask us anything: [email protected]

MarineVerse - as seen in June 2016 issue of Yachting World

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