VR Regatta on Steam

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We’ve just shipped a new version of our HTC Vive sailing game VR Regatta - 0.5.

Big changes in this version:

  • A brand new yacht with a wheel
  • An improved virtual water. Small waves at the moment and a possibility of a gale size waves in the future.

There was also a bunch of smaller improvments, for example:

This is just a beginning of improvements yet to come to VR Regatta. Some of the things we want to focus on next:

  • Mainsheet - improve how it looks and works. Also adding other ropes on the boat.
  • Another iteration of visual improvments. Nicer boats, nicer environments.
  • Adding more interactivity to the sailboats. For example raising the sails, grabbing the boom, etc.

The latest version of the game was brought to you by MarineVerse team: Greg, Olga, David & Nate.

The team

We are passionate about brining sailing to virtual reality. We hope to inspire, train and connect people to sailing using this new technology.

If you have any ideas or suggestions how to improve the game, please get in touch [email protected]

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