The MarineVerse team, Greg & Olga, had a chance to spend some time in Hobart during the Sydney to Hobart race. Pictures and comments by Greg below:

We took a few photos, some of them using Google Cardboard Camera App that we would like to share with you.

If you have Google Cardboard, you can get a taste of virtually being there for real.


The first few (non-vr) photos of Comanche - first boat to cross the finish line.

Comanche Team arives in Hobart

Notice, this yacht is huge! Some call it ‘the aircraft carrier’.

Comanche yacht 1 Comanche yacht 2 Comanche yacht 3

VR photos

For instructions how to view them using Google Cardboard see the end of the post.

Comanche VR 1 Comanche VR 2


Hobart Marina

We have also visited Hobart Maritime Museum. Hobart Maritime Museum

VR photos

You can see below TP52 Balance, overall winner of Sydney to Hobart race.

Hobart Marina 1 Hobart Marina 2

3D photos from Hobart Maritime Museum.

Hobart Maritime Museum 1 Hobart Maritime Museum 2

Viewing the photos in VR

If you have Google Cardboard Camera App and follow this instructions you should be able to view these pictures in 3D :-)

[…]download the VR photo to their phone’s “Downloads” or “Pictures” folder.

If the person you shared the photo with downloads the Cardboard Camera app for Android, the VR photo will show up in their Cardboard Camera gallery on their Android phone.

Hope you like them!

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