Big Breezy Boat is available now on the Oculus store!

Big Breezy Boat ( B3 ) is a relaxing sailing experience for mobile VR.

If you like being on the open water, trimming sails and steering your yacht - you will find B3 very enjoyable!

One of the most exciting things about B3 is how affordable and accessible it is. If you or your friends don’t have any virtual reality hardware, you can now join the fun for only $199 (assuming you are in the US ) ( full price of standalone Oculus Go headset, no mobile phone or PC required ) + $4.99 ( price of the app ).

With more VR sailors joining MarineVerse, we are get closer to online regattas and multi-crew adventures in virtual reality.

Happy Sailing!


Find out more in our press kit. or PLAY THE GAME :-)