Today we have reached a milestone of 10,000 Pancake Sailors!

As of now, over 10k users became sailors, while at home, to relax & explore Akalana Islands.

At MarineVerse, we are on the mission to promote sailing everyday by providing engaging interactive sailing experiences that motivate people to try the real sport.

With our sailing products, we are enabling sailors to stay connected to the sport and their sailing friends. For example, Pancake Sailor provides an accessible, free virtual sailing environment that provides ample social opportunities.

We’re really excited by the Pancake Sailor reception. Thank you for joining our MarineVerse sailing community!

Hopefully, the world will find a solution to COVID-19 soon, and we will be able to go sailing not only virtually, but also in real life!

How to play?

You can virtually go sailing today! Pancake Sailor is available for free on a gaming platform Steam.

Download it from here. No VR headset required!

VR Regatta? Multiplayer.

Pancake Sailor looks similar to VR Regatta, doesn’t it? It’s because in Pancake Sailor you are exploring the same location - Akalana Islands.

The best bit? Pancake Sailor and VR Regatta multiplayer levels are connected.

If you have a virtual reality headset and VR Regatta, you can now go sailing with your friends who just have Windows or Mac PC.

What’s next?

If you are enjoying Pancake Sailor and want more.. Good news!

We are working on additional content: Pancake Sailor - Windy Islands.

Learn more & add to your wishlist on Steam.

Happy sailing!

Greg from MarineVerse team

PS. If you are interested in sailboat racing, try MarineVerse Cup.