Being a good sailor is first of all about competence and mastery of the boat, the wind and the sea.

NauticEd knows a lot about sailing instruction. Since 2008 it has trained over 90,000 students who have taken 280,000 courses from its e-learning platform and on the water courses.

As the founder of MarineVerse, it made so much sense to me to partner with NauticEd to co-develop the best possible sailing curriculum and I am excited to announce that today we are making available to all MarineVerse Cup’s players a new “Self Mastery” course.


“Self Mastery”, available in NauticEd Training Room includes several training modules to help players get comfortable with trimming the sails, managing the boat speed and navigating for various points of sail. True to our principles, it balances authenticity and entertainment in a fully immersive, virtual sailing experience.

Over time, more complex courses like docking and maneuvering within the marina, night sailing, and heavy weather will also be accessible in the Training Room.

New Zealander, Grant Headifen, is the Global Director of Education for NauticEd International Sailing Education and a prolific book author.

“We believe that VR is revolutionary for sailing education,” said Grant Headifen, founder and global director of education for NauticEd.

“As experienced sailors have known for thousands of years, competence requires theory knowledge, practical skills, and lots of experience. VR combines all of these aspects into a fluid, immersive and fun experience in a safe and non-intimidating training environment.”

Sailing has always been about community for me, with NauticEd we will make sailing instruction more affordable and accessible while inspiring, educating and entertaining our fast-growing community of sailors.

We hope you give it a try - and share with friends, because sailing together is much more fun!

MarineVerse Cup is available on Meta Quest. Buy now and go sailing today.

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Happy sailing!

Greg on behalf of MarineVerse team.

PS: Grant and I are planning a private virtual race soon, it should be really cool. Just comment here if you are interested in receiving an invite!