New MarineVerse Cup Video Shows How VR Can Help Transform You Into A Sailing Pro:

In the above video you can see Marineverse Cup in action. See how the game combines theory and practice to teach players with no prior sailing experience how to take control of their very own virtual sailboat. The video, which explains how players should go about the tricky task of sailing upwind, showcases the game’s blend of accurate sailing simulation, beginner-friendly features and relaxing gameplay.

MarineVerse Cup is a VR sailing game that features solo, co-op or multiplayer racing allowing you to compete against friends and other players or just take a relaxing lap around a course on your own. Whether you are an advanced sailor or just curious to give sailing a try, MarineVerse Cup can teach and challenge you or just let you take a more leisurely pace and focus on a course, surrounded by sea, sunshine and the sound of the waves lapping the boat.

The game is coming to Meta Quest 2 in Early Spring 2022. You can try the Early Access version on App Lab or Steam.

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