MarineVerse and WASZP are bringing Foiling to everyone using VR.

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MarineVerse partners with an iconic sailing brand WASZP to change the way sailing is experienced around the world.

Over the last 7 months MarineVerse has worked closely with WASZP through the challenging Melbourne lockdown period to develop the world’s most accessible VR sailboat foiling experience. Today, they’re inviting sailors & gamers alike to give it a go.

If you would like to learn more about WASZP, watch The WASZP Story:

4-5 years ago, Foiling was seen as high-end and unachievable to most, but now, thanks to the MarineVerse Cup, everyone can try it in virtual reality.

Next week, WASZP is launching a bespoke system called RACEHUB which will digitally connect sailors around the world with competitions, both on the water and virtually. Each new RACEHUB user will receive a copy of MarineVerse Cup.

MarineVerse Cup is available in Early Access from Steam & SideQuest and is compatible with both SteamVR and Oculus headsets.

“WASZP is a perfect boat to showcase virtual reality and introduce gamers to sailing - WASZP is fast, fun & exciting. Not only do you get to sail, but you can fly in VR! Our goal with MarineVerse Cup is to develop a fun sailing game that is authentic and approachable. Collaborating closely with a Melbourne based WASZP team, is a fantastic opportunity to make it happen”

( by Greg Dziemidowicz, Lead developer at MarineVerse )

“The immersive technology and experience is so life-like. We have engaged some of the best WASZP sailors in the world to help us with the physics of the boat within the game”

( by Marc Ablett, Head of Product and Global Sales at WASZP )

While the product is still in Early Access ( beta mode ), the WASZP Class will be giving all of their sailors who purchase an International WASZP Class Membership the opportunity to shape the way the game is played. ( Visit our Feedback forum )

Waszp sailors will join the discussion with MarineVerse Cup developers helping us improve the simulator. Everyone else who jumps in the game can be assured that by having the WASZP sailors involved in development, the product will have a level of unprecedented authenticity.

Oculus Quest

With new VR headsets, like Oculus Quest 2, making it easier than ever to adopt “virtual reality” now is a great time to join MarineVerse Cup.

Join MarineVerse Cup Early Access program and stay tuned, as we have many exciting things planned! ( for example Movember Cup )

Happy sailing,

MarineVerse Team