We’ve started working on porting MarineVerse sailing apps and games to HTC Vive.

Vive offers room scale, fully immersive environment. You can walk around the room, and position of your head, hands and body is tracked and represented exactly in a virtual world.

This technology gives fantastic opportunity to create immersive learning environment, much more so than Cardboard or GearVR.

Last weekend we’ve created 2 prototypes, by porting and adapting to Vive two of our GearVR products: “VR Regatta” and “Sailing Terms”.

Have a look at game play from “Sailing Terms”:

“Sailing Terms” is educational game teaching you terminology used in sailing. Taking advantage of Vive’s hand tracking controllers, we were able to create a comfortable laser pointer, that you can point at things and learn how they are called.

“VR Regatta” is the second title we’ve worked on. In this prototype you can sail in a small dinghy around the race track. We are quite excited about what even this early version of sailing sim can deliver:

Having spent hundreds of hours in sailing boats, it’s amazing how natural using tiller in this game feels. You’re basically doing the same arm motions you would do on a real boat. Greg

If you own Vive, we would love to hear your feedback, both prototypes are available for you to try:

Our goal is to create the best sailing virtual reality content possible. Your feedback, comments and ideas are making it possible. Thank you from the mountain :-) (Thanks in advance for offering it.)