Thanks to invitation by Australian Sailing Team RS:X coach Max Wójcik, Olga and Greg had a chance to to participate in Introduction to Windsurfing day in Elwood Sailing Club.

It was a great day, with perfect conditions to do some research into what windsurfing is all about. Great material to take our VR windsurfing further :-)

But researching windsurfing was not the only reason for our field trip. Our second objective was to user test our introduction to sailing app - Points of Sail:

The test went pretty well, with young sailors being immersed in virtual reality just before going on the water.

So what did we learn during the test?

  • Simplify content - current version uses fairly technical vocabulary and complex thoery. We need to look into using simpler terms and possibly simplifying what are we are trying to teach.
  • Voice - robotic voice we have at the moment is not the most pleasant to listen to. Using a voice actor would make using the app more enjoyable.
  • Sailors asked for more - actual virtual reality sailing (like in VR Regatta) - not just stationary sailing lesson.

If you are interested in testing the Points of Sail app yourself, it’s available on for Android users on Google Play store and for IPhone owners on App Store.

Any feedback or ideas? Contact us [email protected]