Interested in trying out our Virtual Reality Sailing prototype?
Send us a message ( [email protected] ) and we will schedule a demo for you (limited spots available).

We’re working on virtual reality sailing simulator for HTC Vive and will be offering private demonstrations in our office in Melbourne during Sailing World Cup.

Potential benefits of Virtual Reality Sailing

  • Sail in controlled environments - practice different scenarios, with ability to control weather and competitors.
  • Detailed analytics - measure and analyse your performance. Get insights into your technique.
  • Remote training - get tips and feedback from an expert coach located in a different city. (Enabled by multiplayer feature.)
  • Get comfortable - Get familiar with sailing locations before your physically visit them.

Interested in our prototype? Here is a recent video demonstrating it:

Never heard of HTC Vive? Watch this short video to get a good idea what it is:

About MarineVerse

We are a virtual reality sailing startup with offices in Melbourne, Toronto & San Francisco.

Yachting World covered us in June 2016 in an article about VR. We are actively developing VR Regatta - our sailing application for high-end virtual reality.

About the demonstration

The session is free and all we ask for is your feedback. After trying the simulator we will ask you a few quick questions and that’s it - no strings attached!

Who is it for? The session will be the most interesting for coaches and sailors who have never tried HTC Vive. If you are generally interested in virtual reality sailing, please get in touch as well!

Where? The session will take place in our office, located near Balaclava train station. That’s 20min tram ride from Melbourne Sailing World Cup (Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron).

When and how long? The session will take 30min. Please let us know your preferred time.

Interested in testing our prototype? Send us a message ( [email protected] ) and we will schedule a demo for you. Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

By Greg Dziemidowicz