Dreaming about sailing and looking for a low-budget option to get your water fixed?

Virtual reality might be a cost effective alternative for you ;-)

We offer safe yachts in always perfect condition and locations you can reach in minutes (time to download an app) rather then hours or days. And it’s much cheaper :-)

If you already have virtual reality hardware, then just go straight to our sailing apps section.

Do you have around $2000 and you want the best money can buy? Get HTC Vive to get best possible experience - if you want something better - you will actually need to go on the real boat..

Something cheaper? If you have a new Samsung phone, then GearVR will be the best choice.

OK - you really want a low-budget option? Get a Cardboard and enjoy simple apps and 360 movies.

Virtual holidays won’t be as good as real sailing. But if you are on a budget, don’t have enough time or it’s just not the right season - now you know - there is an alternative.

Join growing community of virtual sailors enjoying their hobby all year round.