In VR Regatta you get to race your own sailing boat. It’s great, but what if you want to take your sailing to a next level?

Good start to becoming a sailing pro might be diving into a data about your virtual reality performance.

That’s where new experimental feature in VR Regatta will come in handy - sailing telemetry.

With new beta release of VR Regatta, everytime you compete in a “Race” (and not in “Easy Race” or “Long Race”) we will create a special “csv” file.

You can find your sailing performance data in “SailingLogs” folder that is located in your VR Regatta installation directory.

Some of the information that you will get:

  • boat position
  • boat rotation
  • boat speed
  • mainsail angle
  • tiller angle

To analyse the data, import it in your favourite spreadsheet software.

Some ideas what you could do with this:

  • compare your race to a race of a friend (who is better, what are you doing differently)
  • try different strategies when sailing upwind and see what works best

Please let us know what are you using this data for and is there anything else you would want us to expose.