MarineVerse democratizes sailing.

We’re building the world’s largest sailing club, using virtual reality to inspire, train, and connect sailors from all the seven seas.

Why sailing?

Sailing is one of humanity’s most ancient and powerful skills.

For the last 7000 years it’s given us the power to cross oceans, build empires, trade ideas, spark imaginations, discover, explore and connect everyone on the planet, with nothing more than a puff of wind.

Like the internet … except the wind bit.

This shared heritage has profound meaning for the future: whether it’s creating carbon-free cargo shipping or learning how to harness solar winds to sail to the stars.

Learning to think as a sailor, to capture an invisible force and bend it to your will, in an ever-shifting environment, is a skill that all people should have.

Being able to juggle wind speed, tide, sail-trim, and course gives you the power to navigate anything.

Our goal is to democratize sailing: to unleash everyone’s inner sailor.

Barriers to sailing

Besides the obvious issue of not having access to navigable waters, sailing as a sport and leisure activity has many barriers:

  • It can be expensive.
  • The wrong weather can either stop you or kill you.
  • It’s perceived as elitist
  • and can be physically demanding.

VR Sailing

Through virtual reality, we can address every one of those barriers.

For the cost of a VR headset, anyone can learn to sail, whether the wind is dead or blowing at 30 knots, no matter if they live on the coast or in a desert.

Older or disabled sailors can still enjoy their hobby. We can democratize the sport and make people’s actual time on the water more valuable and enjoyable, by enabling them to practice at home.

We’re creating an ideal digital sailing experience through VR, to create the world’s largest sailing club, with immersive sailing games (racing and cruising) and supporting back-end infrastructure.

Sailing is all about community: that’s why we want to build the world largest sailing club.

We will create a VR place for sailors, to be, well, sailors.

In MarineVerse, you will be able to explore, learn and race. But most importantly, you will meet other sailing enthusiasts, becoming friends with people from around the world. ( A start is our community chat server - Discord. )


Looking at VR games, we already have too many games with guns and violence. We need more games promoting exploration, discovery, relaxation.. Or a non-violent competition, an eSports focusing on excellence, respect and friendship - basically olympic values.

By building MarineVerse, we want to contribute to the world by helping sailing and it’s culture grow.

By bringing together sailors and gamers, we’ll create a platform that the sailing industry can use to grow, by marketing and selling their goods.

In the future, we will engage the tourist industry, working to recreate famous sailing venues online.

We will empower sailing instructors and schools, connecting the best sailors in the world and letting them teach people everywhere..

Shipwrights will be able to use our platform as a virtual showroom, letting potential buyers do try-outs at home.

And, in the spirit of community, modders will be able to design new maps and boats… potentially inspiring a new generation of boatbuilders.

If you are an explorer, if you like an adventure.. If you are interested in nature or sailing. If you want to try sailing, or if you have already sailed around the globe - you’re invited to take part in MarineVerse journey - join us at