Melbourne based MarineVerse’s team recently shipped “Point of Sail” - a virtual reality experience designed for Google Cardboard.

Point of Sail

By taking advantage of 360 degrees immersive environment and interactivity, the app makes it easy and fun to master points of sail. It offers a short, yet fully functional experience. You will be placed on a boat and surrounded with helpful banners showing names used to describe wind direction. When you look at a banner, you will hear a short explanation.

It’s a well known fact, that virtual reality is best experienced first hand in VR goggles, but if you want to have a quick look at the app, there is a short video:

You can get the app for free in Google Play store.

“Point of Sail” is a part of a series of small demos designed to showcase the potential of using virtual reality to deliver great learning experiences at the leisure of your own couch. At this stage, the MarineVerse team is looking for feedback on how to improve the app, and ideas for other VR learn-to-sail experiences you’d like to try.

Reach out to the team via @MarineVerseVR on Twitter.